Essential hydration data

More accessible than ever before.

Ureaqa is the world’s first hydration testing system that provides athletes with personalized and insightful data. By using Ureaqa, athletes can train smarter and stay informed about their hydration needs by obtaining actionable data from one of the human body’s richest sources: urine.

Analyze and track your data in one convenient location.

Ureaqa Mobile App

The Ureaqa smartphone app is the brain behind obtaining and tracking your hydration data. Use the app to scan your Ureaqa ChemTab and discover your level of dehydration and a personalized fluid intake suggestion to balance your hydration.


Ureaqa Collection Cup

Urine collection made easy.

The Ureaqa cup is a reusable collection cup designed entirely with athletes in mind. It provides a discreet but modern look that rivals conventional disposable urine collection cups.

Athletes can also worry less about collecting their hydration data, as the Ureaqa cup is twice as large as conventional cups, and has been designed to minimize the potential for contact with urine.



Accurately track your hydration in any environment.

Ureaqa ChemTabs are used to analyze your hydration. One ChemTab is used per test by dipping the ChemTab in the provided sample and then scanning it using the Ureaqa app.

The ChemTab automatically calibrates for any environment so you can use Ureaqa at home, during training, or on the road. This helps to provide a consistent and standardized hydration test, and ensures accurate recommendations are made.


ChemTab Storage

Flexible storage so you can test anywhere, anytime.

The ChemTab storage container provides extra space for taking ChemTabs with you wherever you go with your Ureaqa device.


Keeping track of your hydration while travelling or training on-the-road has never been easier, as the ChemTab storage container conveniently threads onto the bottom of the Ureaqa collection cup.